Millions Recovered For Employees Each Year
Millions Recovered For Employees Each Year
Millions Recovered For Employees Each Year
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Have you recently been terminated or forced to quit your employment? We understand that this experience is not easy. It can take an emotional toll on you, cause bills to pile up, place extra burdens on the rest of your family, and bring other unwanted changes to your life. Or, sometimes, even during employment, you may feel the same stresses from harassment by your employer or not being paid all of your owed wages. You don’t need to go through these pains alone. Bibiyan Law Group is here to help you understand your legal options to pursue against your employer or former employer to ensure that justice is served.

Bibiyan Law Group, P.C. was founded as a resource for employees who have been mistreated by their employers or former employers. As an advocate for workplace justice, Los Angeles Employment Lawyer David Bibiyan has represented employees throughout California in a variety of employment law matters and has recovered millions of dollars on their behalf in both individual and class actions. This includes representation of employees not just in Los Angeles, but also in Northern California, in Kern County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County, among other places.

Indeed, wherever there is a California employee who is being mistreated by their employer or former employer, we are here to lend a helping hand to ensure those practices are rectified. This includes working to make sure that you are made whole to the extent possible, as well as making efforts to ensure the employer or former employer changes its practices so that others are not hurt by the same policies or procedures.

Unpaid Wages

Many employees in California are entitled to rights that include overtime pay at one-and-one-half their regular rate of pay; double their rate of pay in certain situations, including when working more than 12 hours in a day; uninterrupted 30-minute meal breaks every five hours of work; paid rest breaks of 10 minutes after 3.5 hours of work, another after 6 hours of work, and another every 4 hours of work after that; and reimbursements for expenses reasonably incurred in furtherance of their work duties.


Discrimination on the basis of physical disability, age, pregnancy, or other protected activities is not only illegal but against California public policy. Even discrimination on the basis of association with someone with a disability (i.e., caring for a child with a disability) may be an illegal practice in California.


Although not all workplace harassment is sexual (for example, think harassment of someone due to a disability or on the basis of color or sexual orientation), sexual harassment is one of the most common types of harassment at the workplace. There are generally two basic types of sexual harassment. The first is when a superior offers an employee an employment benefit (or even maintenance of employment) in return for a sexual favor. The second is simply a hostile work environment in connection with one’s sex that occurs so frequently and is so offensive that it makes it extremely difficult to continue working at that workplace.

Wrongful Termination

Although many find their termination to be unfair, the term “wrongful termination” is reserved for a more particular set of terminations. In California, employees may generally be fired “at-will”, which means for almost any reason. Of course, the word almost is the operative term. An employee may not be terminated for reasons that are against the law or California public policy, including, for example, due to his or her age, race, disability, sexual orientation, association with a person with a disability, reporting illegal practices to governmental entities, and other protected activities.

Free Consultation

As you can see, employees have various rights at the workplace and upon being terminated or forced to quit their employment. However, unlike many personal injury claims and other claims in which a demand may just be made to an insurer, these cases most often are fought tooth and nail by employers in state or federal courts. Thus, if you or your loved one has been terminated, was forced to quit, or is having trouble at the workplace, it’s important that you contact an employment attorney to help guide you through the process to determine if you have a claim and what is the best manner to go about asserting it.

That’s where we come in. The Bibiyan Law Group fights aggressively in state and federal Courts for the dignity and respect of employees to recover unpaid wages, to recover damages for emotional distress, and to creatively determine what other avenues of relief are available to provide the aggrieved employees with the best possible outcome. If you think you or your loved one may have a possible claim, or would like information regarding your rights, contact or have them contact Los Angeles Employment Lawyer David Bibiyan today for a free consultation.

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